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Disability & Mental Health

PRVO Head Start and Early Head Start is and has been an inclusionary placement for children with disabilities and special needs.  By working together, teachers, local education agencies, community agencies and parents facilitate and maximize the child’s full participation in classroom experiences and interactions.
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Education Services

Services will be comprehensive and will include child health services, education, child safety, nutrition, family and community services, mental health and disabilities. Our program provides an enriching environment with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to enhance and advance the child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.
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Family Community Partnership

We believe addressing the entire family and supporting them in taking an active role in every phase of their child’s development will better serve the child’s needs and the family as well. We offer parents opportunities and support for growth in order that they may identify their own strengths, needs, interests and become self sufficient and empowered to excel at all goals.
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Head Start

The Head Start Program is a program of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families.
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Pearl River Valley Opportunity, Inc. provides transportation services free of charge to all preschool children. However, transportation services are not provided for infants/toddlers enrolled in our Early Head Start program. PRVO strives to ensure that the ride to and from school is educational, but more importantly safe. Educational activities include singing songs, finger-plays and listening to music. Safety is stressed frequently with drivers and attendants.
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