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Prescription Assistance Program

The Prescription Assistance Program is an coordinated effort with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to provide medication at low-to-no-cost to qualified individuals. Escalating health care costs coupled with low-income makes it almost impossible for low income persons to meet basic health care needs.

There are several reasons why low income persons do not receive proper health care:

  • Unaffordable health insurance
  • Lack of income to purchase prescription medicines and to pay for doctor’s visits
  • Lack of preventive health care/maintenance comprehension.

PRVO, health care providers, and pharmaceutical companies realize that it is impossible for physicians to properly treat patients if patients cannot afford medications that are prescribed. By accessing these free prescription medications from pharmaceutical companies, elderly individuals will make better use of available income and pay other necessary costs such as– other health care costs, utilities, shelter, and buying food items to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet.

RXThe major goal of the Prescription Assistance Program is to improve overall health. The agency provides this service to help doctors treat patients that can not afford to purchase prescribed medications. PRVO coordinates its efforts with health care providers and pharmaceutical companies to provide medicines at low-to-no-cost.

PRVO acts as facilitator of the program and contacts pharmaceutical companies to acquire forms, eligibility criteria, and other needed information. By accessing these prescription medications, individuals are able to make better use of available income and pay other necessary costs such as food, shelter, and utilities. 

The program is operational in Covington, Forrest, Jones, Jefferson Davis, Lamar, Marion, Pearl River, and Perry Counties. Elderly individuals should contact their local PRVO for additional information and eligibility criteria.