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PRVO Head Start West

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PRVO Head Start East

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Parents/Guardians who will be registering for the first time must bring the following documents:

HS(1) Copy of Child’s Certified Birth Certificate (Long Form Preferred)

(2) Copy Of Income Verification (Any of the following will be accepted)

– W-2 or Income Tax Return
– Signed statement from employer for wages earned
– Signed statement or computer print-out from public agency for public assistance received
  -(TANF, Social Security, Child Support, V.A. Benefits, Etc)

(3) Family’s Insurance Information (If Applicable)

(4) Clear Copy of Child’s Medicaid Card (if applicable)

(5) Clear Copy of Child’s CHIP Card (If applicable)

(6) Social Security numbers for all household members

(7) Proof of Guardianship (If Applicable)

(8) Official School and/or Work Schedule on Company Letter Head  (Early Head Start Only)